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Draft coverage from more CobraZone coverage to come!  Player pages for expansion draftees have little information right now, but more will be added soon.  Look for a *, which will signify new information. 
Expansion Draft Results
Rd Name Pos Team
1 *Jack Jackson OS Orlando
2 *Casey Jones OL/DL Houston
3 *Manny Pina WR/LB New Jersey
4 *Johnnie Hicks OL/DL Albany
5 *Cornelius White WR/DB Albany
6 *Jerry Sharp  OL/DL New England
7 *Emerson Martin OL/DL New England
8 *Jeff Thomas WR/LB Nashville
9 *Alan Campos FB/LB trade w/ NE
10 *Eric Kerley OL/DL Albany
11 *Remy Hamilton K Grand Rapids
12 *Bo Kelly FB/LB Arizona
13 *Hunter Adams OL/DL trade w/ Hou
14 *Montrell Williams WR/DB Albany
15 Marvin Bagley WR/LB New Jersey
16 Willie Gaston DS Florida
17 Kevin Guy WR/DB Orlando
18 no selection
19 *Chris Ortiz WR/LB trade w/ NE
20 future consideration trade w/ Alb
Click here for list of eligible players