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CZ Forum 
Help Wanted 

CobraZone is looking for talented, reliable, driven writers to help it cover the Cobras. Writers would cover home games and other Cobras news and feature storys by providing a factual reporting of and inside information on players, coaches, and team decisions.  We're also seeking writers to provide unique perspective and insightful commentary on the Cobras.

Please submit 3 writing samples, published preferred, but not required. All of our writers serve CobraZone on a volunteer basis. 

Please send all applications to:

Include writing samples and a writing resume and/or background information about yourself and your qualifications to cover the team. 

CobraZone is looking for photographers interested in taking team and player photographs during home games (and away games, for those willing to travel or living in other AFL cities.)  Photographers will serve on a volunteer basis, and CobraZone will arrange for them to be provided with photo credentials to be on the field during games.  Your full name will be credited with every photo you take. 

Please submit several sample photographs and background information about yourself and your photography credentials to