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A Note to CZ Readers... 

   Can this offseason, which the Cobras entered late Friday night, possibly be any more interesting than the last?  Believe it or not, the answer is probably yes. 
   ‘How do you top the creation, building, and marketing of a new team?’ you ask.  Easy.  Start with free agency for all players with at least four years of experience and three new expansion teams.  Add competition from the newly-formed XFL, which is backed by the WWF and NBC.  Toss in the possibility of an NFL buy-in of the AFL.  Finally, include possible player movement from arenafootball2. 
   What you get is the potential for an offseason even more captivating than the one that saw the birth of the Cobras as an expansion team and the near demise of the league in a labor dispute. 
   Count on CobraZone to keep you up to date during the offseason.  In a few days, we'll launch Free Agent Tracker, a website that will list every free agent in the league and record where they sign, while also providing an interactive forum for fans to discuss free agent moves. 
   Also, look for articles analyzing the Cobras’ free agent situation, potential af2 diamonds-in-the-rough, the impact of the XFL and the expansion draft, among other things. 
   And you can expect, of course, in-depth coverage of any roster moves the Cobras make. 
   I also want to thank everyone who has visited CZ over the past season.  Your participation in the CZ Forum and in web polls has made a fun hobby even more enjoyable.  Thanks also to Chris Merchel and Tommy Adkins for writing articles.  Finally, thanks to Nathan Boudreaux, the Cobras' Director of Media Relations, for supplying me with press credentials, and thanks to the folks at Design Nation and the Cobras organization for their link to CZ from Cyberstryke. 
   I encourage you to take time to vote in the CZ Post Season Awards/Survey, by clicking on the graphic on the main page. 
   The Cobras’ first season may be over.  But their first real, complete offseason is just beginning.  Enjoy it. 

        Thanks again, 
        Brian Distelberg