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                             Carolina                     New England 
Cobras vs. Sea Wolves
by Brian Distelberg, CobraZone

 (1-7) (5-4)
Time: 7:30 p.m. 
Location: Hartford Civic Center 
TV: WKFT TV-40  
Radio: Cobras Radio Network  
Internet: WDRC-AM

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  When the Cobras have the ball...  
Rushing - The Sea Wolves' defense has yielded  a generous 25.7 yards per game on the ground, and the Cobras managed close to 50 in their preseason meeting.  Will Randy Neal, acquired several weeks ago, suit up? Advantage: Carolina  
  Passing - In general, New England's secondary has been stringent, but it gave up 358 yards and six touchdowns in a high-scoring -- even by AFL standards -- loss to San Jose last week.  With no protection, though, Fred McNair didn't look so hot last week.  Fortunately, the Sea Wolves have only eight sacks this year.  Advantage: Even
  When the Sea Wolves have the ball...  
  Rushing - The Cobras' run defense has steadily declined this season, especially since the loss of Brad Keeney to injury. New England's Darren Williams, the team's leading rusher,  has gained only 49 yards though.  Advantage: Even  
  Passing - New England suffered a huge blow two weeks ago when they lost league MVP-candidates QB Chad Salisbury and OS Damien Harrell to season-ending injuries. Since then, they've lost two straight games.  Backup Tim Carey, though, has thrown nine touchdown passes and has a QB rating near 100.  The Cobras, meanwhile, let Milwaukee QB Kevin McDougal have a field day in their secondary.  Advantage: New England
  Special Teams - K Matt George is superb on extra points and OK, by AFL standards, on field goals.  Anthony Derricks has returned five kickoffs for touchdowns.  The Cobras' Remy Hamilton has been awful on field goals, mainly because he is always kicking from beyond 40 yards away, Adrian Lunsford looks lost returning kicks, and a special teams' miscue gave the Mustangs a quick 10-0 lead last week from which the Cobras never recovered.  Advantage: New England
  Coaching - New England's Mike Hohensee learned from the best: Albany's Mike Dailey. However, he might have introduced unnecessary distractions into his locker room last week by calling the San Jose Sabercats -- two of whom allegedly assaulted one of his players -- and star WR/LB Barry Wagner "thugs."  Coach Kay might have lost some respect among his players this week as well by threatening "consequences" that seemingly have failed to develop. Advantage: Even  
  Intangibles - Will the Cobras show up angry and desirous of revenge, or will they be dispirited and resigned?  Good question, one that could determine the outcome.  Be rest assured that no Sea Wolves want to lose to the Cobras and be forced to chalk up their second loss to an expansion team in three weeks.  Advantage: ?  
  Prediction: New England 52 - Carolina 42  
(partial) INJURY REPORT 
 Due to incomplete information from the teams, a full injury report is not available.
Out FB/LB Marrio Grier (ACL, MCL), OS Marlon Estes (achilles), OL/DL Brad Keeney (MCL), OS Kevin Lee
Probable - OS Dexter Dawson (knee), WR/DB Dave McLeod (back)
Sea Wolves: 
Out - OS Damien Harrell, QB Chad Salisbury
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