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                                 Carolina                     Orlando 
Cobras vs. Predators
by Brian Distelberg, CobraZone

 (1-5)  (6-0)
Time: 7:30 p.m. 
Location: Orlando Arena 
TV: WKFT TV-40  
Radio: Cobras Radio Network  
Internet: none

Who Has The Edge? | Injury Report | Register Your Pick 
  When the Cobras have the ball...  
  Rushing - If Orlando has a weakness on defense (which is highly debatable), it would have to be in stopping the run. Alan Campos outperformed Bo Kelly last week, but suffered a mild concussion. Advantage: Even  
  Passing - Fred McNair may very well provide the Cobras with a spark if he starts.  But a spark will do little to counteract the Predators' tandem of Kenny McEntyre and Damon Mason, who have 10 interceptions between them.  Add in the injury to Marlon Estes, and it's a clear... Advantage: Orlando
  When the Predators have the ball...  
Rushing - Orlando stars Rick Hamilton and Tommy Dorsey are both out for the season with injuries. Hamilton had been fifth in the league in rushing.  The two absences give the Cobras' line a chance to stuff the run again, after failing to do so last week. Advantage: Carolina  
  Passing - As Orlando's starter, Connell Maynor has lost only one game, ArenaBowl XIII against Albany.  He killed the Cobras in their last meeting with four touchdown passes and another score on a scramble.  Carolina's secondary is improving, but Adrian Lunsford and Reggie Carthon are still playing together for only the second time Advantage: Orlando
  Coaching - Jay Gruden has guided the Predators to back-to-back ArenaBowls in his first two seasons and appears to be well on the way to going for trip number three.  Advantage: Orlando
Intangibles - The Cobras are reportedly re-energized by the trade for Fred McNair, and they travel to Orlando with nothing to lose, as no one expects them to do much in the rest of this season.  Carolina should be seeking revenge for the home-town, national-TV drubbing they took from the Predators earlier this year.  Orlando, meanwhile, may be looking ahead to the playoffs already. Advantage: Carolina  
  Prediction: Orlando 57 - Carolina 35  
(partial) INJURY REPORT 
 Due to incomplete information from the teams, a full injury report is not available.
Out FB/LB Marrio Grier (ACL, MCL), OS Marlon Estes (achilles) 
Out - FB/LB Rick Hamilton (larynx), FB/LB Tommy Dorsey (ACL)
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