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2000-2001 Free Agency Scorecard  
Unrestricted Free Agents
QB Carlos Garay unsigned
FB/LB Bo Kelly unsigned
DS Adrian Lunsford unsigned
WR/DB David McLeod  
The veteran made a place for himself in the starting lineup after being signed mid-season.  His terrific performance in the Cobras' near-upset of Tampa Bay at the end of the season probably guaranteed that the team would try to bring him back.  McLeod should help the Cobras in terms of leadership, experience and continuity - all vital on a second-year team. 
QB Fred McNair  
A vital move for the Cobras.  One can't deny the change that came over the team after McNair was acquired from the Bobcats mid-season.  The fact that the front office buckled down and out-bid not only other AFL teams, but the XFL as well, for McNair's services speaks volumes about their commitment to the fans.  Now, McNair must maintain his superb play and leadership - he is the man, and the Cobras can't win without him.  
OL/DL Jerry Sharp unsigned
Signed Free Agents (from other teams)
OL/DL Kevin Ingram signed  
OL/DL Rob Stanavitch signed 
DS Otis Mounds signed 
Signed Free Agents (rookies, cuts, re-signings)
OS Marlon Estes re-signed
FB/LB Marrio Grier re-signed
OL/DL Hunter Adams re-signed
WR/DB Kotto Cotton re-signed
OL/DL Jeremy Beutler re-signed
K Remy Hamilton re-signed
WR/LB Greg Harris re-signed
OL/DL Brad Keeney re-signed
OL/DL Tyrant Marion re-signed
OL/DL Dary Myricks re-signed
OL/DL Carl Reeves re-signed
WR/LB Cornelius White re-signed
WR/DB Jammie Deese signed 
OL/DL Silas Demary signed 
DS Adrian Jones signed 
DS Carlos Locklyn signed 
K Josh McGee signed 
WR/LB Troy Smith signed 
QB Brandon Streeter signed 
DS Buddy Crutchfield signed  
OS Derrick Steagall signed 
WR/DB James Adderley signed 
OL/DL Jason Berger signed 
OL/DL Charles Doresy signed 
OL/DL Lonnie Gilbert signed
OL/DL Chris Mintz signed
WR/DB Tommy Johnson
WR/LB Kevin Lee
FB/LB Randy Neal
WR/LB Manny Pina
OL/DL Dwaine Robinson
WR/DB Antwaun Wyatt