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Red-White Scrimmage Photo Gallery
(Click on each picture for a larger image)
QB Mike Thomas warms up. WR/LB Cornelius White takes a break from warm-ups in the shadow of the rebound nets.
OS Marvin Marshall goes through his pre-game routine. Before taking a team run around the field, the Cobras assemble in the end zone.
The Cobras gather at midfield before the scrimmage. The two quarterbacks, Mike Thomas (left) and Jim Arellanes, confer while watching warm-ups.
WR/LB Cornelius White intercepts Jim Arellanes. A member of the White team gets introduced to the turf by a Red defender.
QB Mike Thomas sets up to pass in his own endzone. QB Jim Arellanes awaits the snap under center.
WR/DB Marcus Wall lines up on offense. OS Jack Jackson (1), OL/DL Johnnie Hicks (35) and other Cobras greet fans after the scrimmage.