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Big move a good one for Cobras 
by Brian Distelberg, CobraZone
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 Fred McNair burned the Cobras twice this season.  Now, he'll (hopefully) be doing the same thing for them.
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     5/30 - I nearly dropped the sports section when I opened it Tuesday morning. 
   "The Cobras acquired Arena Football League veteran quarterback Fred McNair and lineman Dary Myricks from the Florida Bobcats for offensive specialist Jack Jackson and quarterback Jim Arellanes," I read.  "Holy macaroni," I replied.  The Cobras had traded away the player they had tried to make a star.  They had boldly dealt themselves back into competitiveness by acquiring a proven quarterback and a rookie lineman. 
   Once I got over my shock, however, I was heartened.  The Cobras' ownership has proven its commitment to the team and its followers: the quarterback position was a weakness and now it is a strength.  The Cobras' struggling offensive line gets a shot in the arm as well, if Myricks signs. 
   Some might say that giving up on Jackson was ill-advised.  But the "star" had hardly been spectacular, even if he did lead the team in receiving.  Other players had demonstrated better speed and touchdown scoring ability, both vital in the AFL.  Sure, Jackson might come back to haunt the Cobras next season when they play Florida.  Carolina needs to get through this year first, however, and McNair can help right away. 
   In McNair, the Cobras get a quarterback with real AFL experience, and one who has worked with Doug Kay before.  They get a quarterback with the talent to set nearly all of Florida's passing records and to become only the 13th AFL quarterback to throw for more than 10,000 yards.  They get a quarterback with the same genes that produced Super Bowl starter and NFL Pro Bowler Steve McNair.  And they get a quarterback familiar with the defenses of Southern Division teams (including Carolina's, as he proved in two meetings this season). 
  The question now becomes Who will catch the ball?  But the Cobras need not worry.  Dexter Dawson, Cornelius White and David McLeod ("McNair to McLeod: The Mac Attack"?) should be able to shoulder the load, with Marvin Marshall off the bench and the talented Kevin Lee off injured reserve, when he heals.  Next season, of course, Carolina will turn to a recovered Marlon Estes to take over OS duties, unless another player really breaks out this season. 
   These are details.  My interest is recharged.  Next year, with Estes and Marrio Grier healthy, the Cobras will be dangerous.  Even this year they'll be competitive.  And that's all that we, as fans, can ask.