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Carolina vs. Milwaukee 
by Tommy Adkins, CobraZone
Rushing Offense 
Over the season, Carolina and Milwaukee have not relied on their rushing game to be their main source of yards. No team really does. Over the season, Milwaukee has averaged 2.3 yards per carry. This is an OK average, but Carolina has averaged an amazing 3.6 yards per carry. That might not sound like a lot, but if Carolina made this average on every run then they would get a first down every three downs. This gives Carolina the advantage in this category. Advantage:  

Passing Offense 
In the passing department, it will be a match up of quarterbacks Kevin McDougal of Milwaukee and Fred McNair of Carolina. McDougal has put up impressive numbers all year with a QB rating of 111.6.  Don’t forget about McNair, though, who in his first game with a brand new team posted 234 passing yards and four passing touchdowns. Most people would have to say that these two teams are tied in passing. Therefore there is no advantage for ether team. Advantage: Equal 

Receiving Offense 
These two teams are pretty even in receiving, with Milwaukee averaging 13.6 yards per reception and Carolina averaging 11.2. Even with McNair throwing, Milwaukee still has the better numbers. Advantage:  

Kick Returns 
Both teams have put up some good numbers on kick returns. Carolina has an average of 16.3 yards per return. This might seem good, but it can’t compare to Milwaukee’s 22.3 yards per return. If Milwaukee continues to post these kind of numbers, the Carolina special teams might have some trouble.  

Special Teams 
Carolina does not have the best special teams in the league averaging only 24% on field goals made and 81.3% on extra points made. These special teams are nothing to brag about, because Milwaukee has put up a 50% average on field goals made and a 91.5% average on extra points made. With these numbers, Milwaukee will definitely get the best of Carolina. Advantage:  

Both teams have good numbers on ‘D’, whether it be Milwaukee with 159 tackles and 5 sacks on the year or Carolina with 144 tackles and 9 sacks on the year.  In the end, it is going to be what the other team can do. Carolina is good at putting pressure on the quarterback, which does not allow him to make as good of a throw. This pressure that Carolina puts on the QB will put them on top. Advantage:  

There are many factors in this subject. The main factor for Carolina is McNair, who gave Carolina new hope by taking Orlando (the #1 team in the league) down to the last second. The main factor for Milwaukee is their three-game losing streak. With this, Milwaukee wants a win, but Carolina also has this same desire to win, for they have not won since week two. Advantage:  
Final Score
Milwaukee 59 - Carolina 63