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Expansion draft finally here 
by Brian Distelberg, CobraZone
   3/6 – After being “soon” for several months, the 2000 AFL Expansion Draft will finally take place tomorrow, March 7.  The Cobras and the Los Angeles Avengers will alternate picks for 20 rounds via teleconference starting at 1 p.m.  The Avengers have the first pick from among the 8 unprotected players on each of the league’s 15 other teams.  With seventeen players currently, the Cobras have up to 23 slots to fill before training camp.  The regular season roster consists of 24 players.  Coach Doug Kay said that the draft “as an opportunity to pick up some players that have arena league experience.”  The Cobras currently have just one player, WR/DB Tommy Johnson, who has played in the AFL before.  Stay tuned to CobraZone for the latest on expansion draft results.