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                                       Carolina              Nashville 
Cobras vs. Kats
by Brian Distelberg, CobraZone

 (1-4)  (4-2)
Time: 7:30 p.m. 
Location: The ESA 
TV: FOX Sports South  
Radio: Cobras Radio Network  
Internet: none

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NOTE TO READERS: I apologize for not having a preview for the Florida game and being somewhat late with this one, but I've been quite busy recently.
  When the Cobras have the ball...  
  Rushing - As capable as Bo Kelly may be filling in for Marrio Grier, the Kats have one of the stingiest run defenses in the league, allowing only 12.8 yards per game.  Much of that has to do with last year's Defensive Player of the Year, James Baron. Advantage: Nashville
  Passing - The Cobras' air attack is the worst in the league, which is hardly a good sign in the pass-happy AFL.  The Kats' secondary isn't much better, however.  Still, the Cobras lack a starter; thus... Advantage: Nashville
  When the Kats have the ball...  
  Rushing - The Kats have the only ground game in the league better than Carolina's, with the tandem of Jason Bratton and Rupert Grant averaging 46.7 yards per game.  Carolina has been successful at stopping the run, however.  Advantage: Even  
  Passing - Andy Kelly keys an explosive passing game, but he was pulled in Nashville's loss to Orlando last week.  The Cobras have added talent on defense for the second straight game: first Dave McLeod and now Reggie Carthon.  Still, it's unlikely that the new secondary has gelled yet, and the Cobras are last in the league in pass defense.  Advantage: Nashville
  Special Teams - The special teams aren't likely to be very special for either team.  Nashville is without kicker Steve McLaughlin (ankle) and will start Brad Palazzo.  The Cobras' own Remy Hamilton is last in the league in FG and PAT percentage.  The Kats have dangerous kick returner Tyronne Jones, who has three TD returns this season.  Advantage: Nashville
  Coaching - Pat Sperduto is the only coach that the Kats have ever had. Like Coach Kay, he stresses the run.  Like Coach Kay, his club is plagued by penalties.  Advantage: Even  
Intangibles - The Cobras are finally returning home, and have had a week to mull the game that got away from them in Florida.  The Kats, meanwhile, come off of an embarrassing 71-54 loss to division-leading Orlando.  Both teams are desperate for wins, though Nashville needs it to battle for first place, while the Cobras need a 'W' to maintain realistic playoff hopes.  The home field advantage tips the scales.  Advantage: Carolina  
  Prediction: Nashville 55 - Carolina 38  
(partial) INJURY REPORT 
 Due to incomplete information from the teams, a full injury report is not available.
Out FB/LB Marrio Grier (ACL, MCL) 
Out - K Steve McLaughlin (ankle)
Questionable - OL/DL William Gaines, OL/DL Pat Downey
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